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Can your website carry a conversation?

The medium that carries your narrative should be as dynamic and engaging as the story itself.

Conversion will mean something different for each business or organization. It could be making a sale. Receiving a donation. Get some product waitlist sign-ups. New client books for your services. Insert your goal here. You know your audience best...

Here are some observations to mull over:

Each visitor is a truly unique human: While it's useful to think in terms of "user personas" with content to boot, you're at risk of glossing over the important details. A more human touch may go a long way to increase your conversion rates.

It's really hard to predict where each potential buyer is in relation to your sales cycle. Keep in mind: you can't herd cats. Simply hoping people stumble across the "right" content is not a strong recipe for conversion.

If your website is built with traditional software and is powered only by backwards looking analytics, it's just too stiff to lead the conversation to conversion. You're fully at the mercy and whims of each random visitor.

How do you engage each reader?

Whether a visitor comes from organic search or via paid traffic, they aren't going to convert themselves!

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Here's an interactive rubric you can use to assess whether Tract Stack is a right fit for you...

Growing an audience with your content?

Put aside the medium for the moment. Whether you're an up and coming YouTuber or a blogger with some influence, it all starts with you making content!

Have a website already?

Tract Stack gets along well with others. Whether you have a website already or not, we've got you covered!

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Using the power of story to communicate your message?

A lot is riding on your website "copy". Someone lands on your website. What happens next?

Unless something catches the attention or speaks authentically to each visitor, they will likely churn.